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How to Customize Clothes with BCW

Dear customers

BCW not only offers more than 4000 styles for baby clothing but also customizes clothes for customers. If you have your own design, do not hesitate to contact us! There are STEPS to make a custom order.

Step ONE

Send your design pictures to Riolio Team. You can contact us on FB, WhatsApp or via email. The picture should be clearly enough. We will contact the factory weather it can be made. The MOQ of customized clothing is 180 pieces of one style in one color. We can do 5 different sizes. (different style has different MOQ, this is quantity is for normal cases. )

Step TWO  

Because all customized clothes have MOQ and size requirements. Please send us the quantity and sizes you need. If it is possible, please offer us size chart. While you want to use our size chart, you need to send us which item's size is true to your need. If your design has buttons, zip, labels or other requirements, please let us know.


After we get the quantity and size, we will contact factory about the price. So, we CAN NOT offer any price to you until we get all info. As for the shipping cost, we will offer you an estimate shipping cost at first because we don't have true weight of this order. If the final shipping cost is less than what you pay, we will refund you the difference. If it is more than what you pay, you need to pay the difference when the order is shipped.


After you confirm the bill, we will create the order and you complete it. If you need samples before bulk produce, please let us know which size you want us to send you sample. After you receive samples, you can tell us your feedback and we can edit it if there is anything you don't like(EXCEPT for the material and fabric).


After you confirm the sample, we will start bulk produce.

Step SIX

The order is shipped and we will update the shipping cost with you. When you receive it, the whole order is complete.

Please let us know if you have any question about this service.

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