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Hi, everyone.

Welcome to BabiesClothesWholesale!

Recently, we received a lot of messages from you. The topic is mainly about the packing of our clothing. In Sept., we changed our package for a while. We removed the size tag and put the size info on the bags. Because we heard that many boutique owner do not want the tag show other brand name, although it do not say BabiesClothesWholesale. We did not realize that many customers' shops are not online shops. They need the tag to put the size info, so we changed back to the original packing again. 

Now, the size will be put on the bag. 

We know some of you do not want it, you can add the note on your order so that we can remove the tag and keep the size info on the bags.

Please tell us what you need for this packing. We will try our best to meet your need. 

If you have any advice, please leave your comments or contact us on whatever platforms.

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