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8 Steps To Make A Comfortable Baby Pillow

What is a baby pillow

Since babies are young and active, it is very particular to choose pillows for babies. The right choice of baby's pillow is related to the baby's safe health and normal development and growth, which cannot be ignored. According to investigations, there have been many cases of poor development of babies caused by improper use of pillows in China, so choosing a suitable pillow for your baby is a big deal. Wise people have designed baby pillows, specially made for babies, so that babies can sleep beautifully. So what is a baby pillow? Let's find out together.

Baby pillows generally refer to pillows used by babies from birth to 3 years old. Generally, babies aged 0-3 months are called newborns, babies aged 3-12 months are called babies, 1-3 years old are called toddlers, and children after 3 years old are called children (3-6 years old is preschool, 6-12 years old is school age). The baby pillow is a pillow specially made for the baby, its main function is to prevent the baby's head from turning, and does not compress the baby's cervical spine. In general, newborns have straight necks and use pillows to compress the baby's cervical spine. Therefore, the requirement for the baby's pillow is to have a pit that fits the shape of the baby's head.

If the baby's head cannot be properly cared for, it will have a greater impact on the baby's head blood circulation, which is not only not conducive to the baby's growth and development, but also affects the physiological functions of the head and neck, which may cause the baby's head development deformity.

From this point of view, how important is a suitable pillow for your baby. Moms and dads should be careful when choosing a baby pillow.

What material is better to make baby pillow

In general, the core in a pillow can be made of a variety of materials. For the special group of babies, the choice of pillow core is particularly important. What's good to put in your baby's pillow? Let's take a look.

The texture of the pillow core should be soft, light, breathable, good moisture absorption, and moderate softness and hardness. Generally, materials such as cord leather, buckwheat husk, thin pile, tea and mung bean skin are selected, and foam plastic, acrylic, silk cotton, etc. should not be used as fillers. Choose more buckwheat husk, tea and mung bean skin pillow core in summer, and thin fleece in winter. Most people recommend that the pillow core should be buckwheat husk or tea leaves dried after brewing tea, which is not only suitable for softness and hardness, strong moisture absorption and breathability, but also can be cleaned. Other items such as barnyard seeds will also work.

In recent years, latex pillows have been on the market. Because latex has natural elasticity, softness and pressure resistance are in line with the baby's pillow standards, it can evenly absorb and release the weight of the body or the pressure of the head, and it is not easy to hide bacteria, dust, etc. Theoretically, it is better, but it needs to be further verified, and there are already data questioning the problem of long-term application of latex pillows to cause allergies.

As for the pillowcase, it is best to make soft white or light-colored cotton cloth, which is easy to absorb moisture and breathe. Baby's pillowcase and pillow core should be washed and dried frequently. Pillows are very important for babies, a good pillow can promote the baby's sleep quality improvement, play an irreplaceable role in the healthy growth of the baby.

How to make a baby pillow

Some mothers want to make them themselves. How do you make a baby pillow? In fact, it is not difficult to say. Don't say too much, let's learn.

1. Cut a rectangular cloth according to the wishes of your heart;

2. Fold the cloth in half from the front first, sew it from the back, sew out 2 sides first, if you like rounded corners, you can also sew them into circles at the corners;

3. After sewing the two sides, turn the cloth over, sew the shaped circle from the front, and when it is almost finished, slightly stuff a little cotton (silk cotton or pearl cotton) inside;

4. Sew all the circles after the cold cotton;

5. Because one side is folded in half, it is enough to sew three sides, and then turn the cloth over to sew the third side, and when it is halfway sewn, turn the cloth over again;

6. Put cotton in it (it is best not to use ordinary cotton, the real baby can't bounce back after sleeping);

7. After plugging, the last half of the remaining side can only be sewn openly, and the beautiful point of the sewing is on the line. Female red network Welcome to reprint, please

8. Finally, you can sew decorations on the pillow according to your preference.

The beautiful baby pillow is ready. The material of the pillow core can be chosen by yourself, but it is recommended to choose a softer material, and the baby will be more comfortable to fall asleep.

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